Pool House Controller System

Remote panels can be mounted next to pool to allow control without entering the plant room

Remote panels can be mounted next to pool to allow control without entering the plant room

Tornado Pool House Controller Systems are suitable for new installations, or to bring new features and energy efficiency to existing installations.  They provide a wealth of fully-integrated control and safety features, and offer exceptionally accurate control of pool and Spa temperatures.  In the right installations, our clients have been able to control pool temperatures to within 0.2 Degrees Celsius (excluding Solar gain on outdoor pools).

These modular systems can readily be customised and extended, or fully bespoke as required.

Extensive self-diagnostics are a vital part of the design.  The system is able to identify and cope with component failures safely, whilst maintaining operation of the rest of the installation if possible.

Many existing Swimming Pool installations use very simple mechanisms to control the temperature of the main pool.  Sometimes these extend to controlling Spa pool temperature and additional features such as Air Blowers, Hydrotherapy jets, lighting, Domestic Hot Water, and possibly Pool House heating control.

However the technology used on is often rather dated, and much of it would be familiar to the Pool Engineer of the 1950s.  Although well-proven and simple, it is often composed of several separate electro-mechanical systems working alongside each other.  Many of the controls are only accessible by venturing into the depths of the Pool House Plant and Machinery room, which certainly doesn’t suit everyone.

Today, far more sophisticated systems are possible which offer improved efficiency, safety, integration, and ease of use.  Thanks to the Internet and the modern mobile phone, we are all used to colour touch screens and accomplishing many tasks whilst on the move.  This type of technology is now available for managing your swimming pool.